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If you needed another reason.

The Jets are disgusting.   What 27 year old wipes boogers on someone?  I am so happy they lost but so unhappy Pittsburgh and the rapist won. I think I will just drink a lot during the Superbowl and hope the boys in green and yellow win.



What to do?

What a choice we have Sunday.  We can route for the Jets and let’s face it that is impossible.  I would rather have Vince Wilforks post game jock strap stuck to my head.  What then?  Root for the Steelers?  They are led by a rapist.  By the way where is the outcry from people over Ben Roethlisberger playing?  People wanted Michael Vick drawn and quartered.   I have never seen a stupid facebook post about where are Ben’s rape victims now?   But I do hear about some damn traumatized dog every other day.

So what do you do?  I think I am going to watch some Australian Open and hope for a nip slip.  Oh yeah and Go Packers!


I need a day or two off. Too sad to write about football.

Game Day!

Finally the Jets suck because they are the J-E-T-S! They all suck. Rex Ryan and his boobs suck. LT and his crying suck. Sanchez sucks, the fireman sucks, the entire organization sucks. They can take their trash talk and shove it up their asses. It is game day bitches and the Pats are gonna come at you like a hillbilly from deliverance. I look forward to laughing at LT’s tears.  Game on!

Why the Jets Suck on Saturday.

Today is simple the Jets Suck because Rex Ryan is gross.  I imagine the foot fetish comes from the fact that he has not seen his penis in many years making most sex options out of the question.  So he has to go elsewhere for pleasure. Rubbing someones feet is easy on the lumbar a perfect activity for someone of Rex’s stature and cup size.

Planned or Not?

So is Wes Welker a comic genius with great acting skills or are the 11 foot references just pure coincidence?  If this is planned Welker is a whole lot funnier than I ever would have guessed.  Funny, cute and plays football?  Can’t be.

Bill Belichick supposedly told his team to stay out of the smack talk.  If Welker disobeyed he must be running laps today.

Why the Jets Suck on Friday.

The Jets suck because Ines Sainz picked them to beat the Patriots. Her statement was as follows:

“They are like a star in the movies.  They win games you truly believe they are going to lose.  I truly believe they have the best chance to win the Super Bowl.  I think Mark Sanchez will do it!”

The blood loss to this girls crotch from her super tight jeans must be affecting the blood flow to her brain. After being sexually harassed by the Jest  she still picks them to win? I am thinking someone is looking for a post game exclusive and a post game Dirty Sanchez.  Yes I am jealous of her perfect ass. I will never be in a pair of jeans like that unless they are made out lycra and that would be frightening to see.