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Provoactive? I think Stupid.

I don’t always kettlebell, but when I do, it is directly over my developing fetus’s head.


Denver Bronco, Eric Decker and his pregnant wife Jessie James (not the one who cheated on Sandra Bullock) took some “prov0active” pictures for GQ.  The other ridiculous pictures you can see here.


Stupid Face

No one wants to interview Eli and his stupid face. Giants Quarterback Eli Manning had one reporter attend his post game interview on Sunday. What an uncomfortable situation.

Hawaiian Dogs Take Cover

Animal people are gonna be pissed! Michael Vick has taken a strong lead in the 2011 NFL Pro-Bowl fan voting. He has been a hell of a quarterback this year but I can’t believe there are that many people voting for him.  It is pretty crazy that he has returned from prison to the NFL and is better than he was. Maybe Peyton Manning should try the Michael Vick off season prison work out.

The Colts are Bad!

How exciting the Colts are bad! They are looking like they might not even make the playoffs! Insert evil laugh here.

Or is this funnier?

I can’t decide both hilarious.  Kids being hit with footballs or Tom’s balls in peoples faces.  Tough choice.

Still Funny

Still very funny and I don’t even like Peyton that much but kids getting hit in the face with a football is always good for a cheap laugh.

Gotta have something sweet every once in a while

Very Sweet