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Provoactive? I think Stupid.

I don’t always kettlebell, but when I do, it is directly over my developing fetus’s head.


Denver Bronco, Eric Decker and his pregnant wife Jessie James (not the one who cheated on Sandra Bullock) took some “prov0active” pictures for GQ.  The other ridiculous pictures you can see here.



Most awkward morning after ever.

Elastic or Scrunchy?

Jeesh! Really? Time for the scissors.

Fergie and Bob.

That is a funny picture. Bob Kraft and Fergie were snapped together at some Super Bowl crap in Dallas.  He looks super excited.  His mouth is wide open.  He registers a little on my gaydar. Ever see him in the locker room post game? Let’s just say he is a hugger.

This pic is from a the official Patriots Facebook Page. Go friend them.


That is one crazy assed hit (let it load and skip to 38 seconds the slow-mo is better)!  It almost looks like an Ice Capades move.  You never hear about concussions in the NHL which is very surprising considering things like the video above happen.  That looks as painful as on open field hit and I think I would rather land on grass over ice.

Bill Gets a Lei.

Every year it takes me about one quarter to remember that the Pro Bowl is enormously boring.  All the stars showed up minus Tom Brady.   It is a really good gig for the players: one week paid for by the NFL in Hawaii, play one flag football game and then take home a brand new SUV and $45,000 in cash.  But for fans it is just boring football game played at half speed.  My silver lining is the picture above.  Bill Belichick in a lei, khaki shorts and a red shirt.   He looks like his mom dressed him.

No way!

Rumors are flying today that free agent Chad Ochocinco could end up wide receiving in New England. I don’t believe it. He is a bigger asshole than Corey Dillon and Randy Moss ever were. Would Bill Belichick want to manage his crap? Would you like to see him in a Patriots uniform? This past season he was horrible. Does he have a comeback in him?  Too many unknowns.   Leave him on the market.