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Super Bowl?

I am not excited for this game. I would prefer to see Green Bay win because Pittsburgh has Ben Roethlisberger.  A man who does not think much about women. Where has karma been for this douche bag?
As far as rooting for someone I have decided to root for good commercials and good buffalo wings.  Enjoy the game.



If you needed another reason.

The Jets are disgusting.   What 27 year old wipes boogers on someone?  I am so happy they lost but so unhappy Pittsburgh and the rapist won. I think I will just drink a lot during the Superbowl and hope the boys in green and yellow win.


Enjoy the games.

Is that the tootsie roll? Anthony Adams belly is just asking for a raspberry.  I am still going to root for the Packers.

Nipples and Mustache.

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The Falcons loss to Green Bay was embarrassing. But if I were a Falcon fan I would be more embarrassed by the coaching staff.  First there was  Head Coach Mike Smith’s game long hard nipples.  Those were a horrible distraction. What his nipples had to be hard about I am not sure considering his team suffered a bitch slappin’ loss. Next year I suggest Mike put some band aids over those before big games. Atlanta’s other embarrassment was Defensive Coordinator, Brian VanGorder. Brian looks like he just fell out of a low budget 1972 porn. Please shave the mustache.  I am glad this is a NFC team and I do not have to see such things very often in HD.

Best Punt Return Ever!

When you have a 1:33 take the time if you have not already seen it to watch Dan Connolly return a punt 71 yards.  The Patriots 313 lb offensive lineman is not built to return punts but my god did he turn on the heat and move.  He is holding on to that ball like a pregnant lady that just found the last cake in the store.   Two of my favorite football things are fat guys returning balls and seeing “fuck” mouthed out from under a helmet on national TV.