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Elastic or Scrunchy?

Jeesh! Really? Time for the scissors.


Really Big Game

Really big game on Sunday.  I am going to try and post something everyday between now and Sunday that illustrates why the Jets suck so bad.

Why the Jets suck on Thursday:  Antonio Cromartie.

Is there a hand shandy happening under that table?

Tom Brady is an assshole?  You have nine kids with eight different women.  You had to have a court tell you to pay child support.  The Jets fronted you $500,000 at the start of the season to pre-pay your child support so court hearings wouldn’t interrupt your season.  When asked what your childrens names were you stumbled to answer.  But Tom Brady is the asshole?  I don’t think the Patriots have had to send any cash to Bridget Moynahan.

Pro Bowl Shuffle

Very funny Jimmy!

Gisele Can Read.

Gisele can do almost anything; give birth with no pain in a tub, potty train a two week old and  would probably look sexy hot in sequined poise pad but she would not be my first choice to read at story hour.  She just doesn’t have that warm fuzzy look to her that I think a kid would be drawn to.  She may be more appropriate for reading to junior high boys who need something for their spank bank.

Kind of Interesting

This is Tom after the Jets game doing his post game interview. I am really surprised the room is not full or at least has a few more people. So if there are that many empty seats how do I get a pass to get in? I can think of a couple of questions for Tom. For example; Tom will your jeans be tucked in to your Uggs or will you do a boot cut jean and wear them over?


Seriously, Tom?! Tom Brady has agreed to become the face of Uggs for Men. Uggs spokesperson said:

“Tom embodies the stylish casual attitude that is at the foundation of every product we make, and is as much a style icon off the field as he is a playmaker on it”

What is next?  Spokesmen for Vagisil products for men?  Will this be as funny to his teammates as the goat incident?


Tom and Gisele had the baby baptized last week:

The supermodel and her NFL quarterback husband Tom Brady— who wore matching navy outfits — invited friends and family to St. Monica’s church in Santa Monica, California, for the baptism of their six-month-old tot Benjamin.

Okay so who was wearing matching outfits? Tom and the baby or Tom and Gisele?  Please don’t let it be Tom and Gisele.