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Provoactive? I think Stupid.

I don’t always kettlebell, but when I do, it is directly over my developing fetus’s head.


Denver Bronco, Eric Decker and his pregnant wife Jessie James (not the one who cheated on Sandra Bullock) took some “prov0active” pictures for GQ.  The other ridiculous pictures you can see here.



That game was really awesome.   Last night was a great night.  Jets suck!

Deion is back!

Deion Branch is going to be a Patriot again.  Pending a physical Deion will be #84 on the roster.  The Patriots traded a fourth round draft pick for Deion.  This is going to be interesting.  Welcome back!

I love me some Woodhead.

Danny Woodhead, the Patriots newest running back, is tiny.  On the roster he is listed as 5’9, most commentators say he is 5’7 and Tom Brady claims he is 5’4.  Which ever is correct Wes Welker must be happy to not be the tiniest Patriot anymore.  Woodhead looks outstanding I think he is so small no one can find him on the field which makes it easy to run in to the end zone.

Danny Woodhead also has a really great porn name.

Holy Boob!

Not sure how I found this or when it is from.  Brian Urlacher should be able to palm a basketball.  Did she even know?  Can you feel anything through layers of silicone?

Do you agree?

Here is a link to a list of the top 25 hottest (in looks) NFL players.  I am not sure I agree with all.  Two Patriots made the list Wes Welker at #10 and of course Tom Brady at #1.  Jay Cutler had the stupidest picture by far.

Enjoyed the win a little too much?

Seems that the Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards enjoyed his teams win over the Pats a little too much.  On Tuesday morning Edwards was arrested in NYC for drunk driving.  Edwards blew a .16 in to the breathalyzer double the legal limit.  What is wrong with this guy there has got to be at least a million cabs in NYC grab one!  I would be so pissed if he were on my fantasy team.  How many games will he be suspended?