What to do?

What a choice we have Sunday.  We can route for the Jets and let’s face it that is impossible.  I would rather have Vince Wilforks post game jock strap stuck to my head.  What then?  Root for the Steelers?  They are led by a rapist.  By the way where is the outcry from people over Ben Roethlisberger playing?  People wanted Michael Vick drawn and quartered.   I have never seen a stupid facebook post about where are Ben’s rape victims now?   But I do hear about some damn traumatized dog every other day.

So what do you do?  I think I am going to watch some Australian Open and hope for a nip slip.  Oh yeah and Go Packers!


2 responses to “What to do?

  1. Is that a dog on the penis, or is that pubic hair?

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