I Have Five Questions.

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis assaulted a woman with a cocktail. Surveillance cameras in the club show Davis approach a woman speak to her then get a drink thrown in his face. Davis walks away only to return moments later and dump a drink over the woman’s head.

Question one: What did he say to get a drink thrown in his face?  My best guess: “Could I interest you in a mustache ride followed by perhaps a good stove-piping or a glass bottom boat?”

Question two: Why did he take the time to go get a drink just to come back and dump it over her?  I think he must be a baby and an asshole.

Question three: Dumping a drink on someone is assualt?

Question four: Why can’t these guys just get good quiet hookers?

Question five: How many of you googled mustache ride, stove-piping and glass bottom boat?


3 responses to “I Have Five Questions.

  1. NotYourTargetAudience

    Alternate Question four: Why can’t these guys just get on craigslist and ask for a blowjob?

    Answer five: I looked up the last two only cuz I wanted to see how someone else would describe them. I’m all horny now…

    Keep posting, Megan. Love your ideas!

  2. i think he was hoping she was a pre op tranny and asked her if she wanted
    to stove-pipe … but this kind of stove pipe. “The act of an uncircumsized man stretching his foreskin over the tip of a circumsized mans penis resembling how stovepipe is put together.”

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