Duck! Here come more balls!

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Monday night I was sitting on my couch with my husband, my WisPride and my Ritz Crackers excitedly watching ESPN’s pregame crap when I was accosted by above image.  Once again Jon Gruden’s package has shown up prominently on MNF.  I felt like I had been flashed.  Luckily for you I thought to pause my Tivo and share the image.   My husband looked at me as if I were crazy to be flashing photos of alleged (me alleging) boner.   He now thinks I have a Jon Gruden crotch obsession.   I suppose it is an obsession of sorts and I hope I have passed it on to some of you.

So is that a boner or just some bad fitting Khakis?   That “Corona Bus” is already creepy enough a place to interview someone never mind adding in a  Chucky boner.   I am pretty sure in the off season that bus is used in porn.


3 responses to “Duck! Here come more balls!

  1. Oh Megan…you make me laugh with your blog!!! I read everything you write and I hate football.

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