I got yelled at by Wes Welker.

So I think I have made it.  When you piss somebody off doesn’t that mean you have made it?  A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Wes Welker being at the playboy mansion and getting his picture taken with famed hooker Ashley Dupree.  I then promoted myself by posting a link to the blog entry on Wes’ facebook page.  He did not like it.  About an hour after I posted the link this is what Wes posted as his status:

If you wish to post bogus links/lies about me then remove yourself from my page. I am not alright with logging on and seeing links to lies about me. I will delete you or take yourself off. This page is for my friends and fans only.

Wes deleted my post with the link.  I felt kind of bad.  I am a fan.  So Wes here is my apology:

I am sorry my blog entry pissed you off.  It was not appropriate to post the link on your personal page.

But seriously when you take pictures with famous hookers people are going to talk and speculate.  I was not the only one to post the picture on the world wide web in fact the Boston Globe published the same picture after me (yeah for me!).   So again I am sorry to Wes I will never link my blog through his facebook page again but you can be damn sure if there are pictures taken of Wes or any other Patriots with hookers, strippers or sluts I am going to post it and blog it.  It is just how I roll.


One response to “I got yelled at by Wes Welker.

  1. HAHAH this is funny. i dont think Wes can whinge since his girlfriend is Anna Burns who is apparently a famous Hooters girl. LOL

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