Bad Wives

With my interest in sports I was very excited to see  “Basketball Wives” on VH1.  It is AWFUL!  It is a bunch of high maintenance bitches driving around Miami in Escalades complaining their husbands cheat on them and all their friends are fake.  It’s also not enjoyable because I don’t know who any of the wives or husbands are except for Mrs. Shaquille O’Neill who is the most sane and normal of the group.  The women seem strangely okay and accepting that their men cheat and them men seem to rationalize it very well.  As one of them men explained “Basketball is very emotional and when I get off the court I need to take care of me and if I am on the road I am going to need someone other than my wife.”  Perfectly logical.  It is a very bad show don’t waste the space on your Tivo.   VH1 is planning a Football Wives which I will waste space for on my Tivo and may even set up a season pass before seeing a single episode


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