Give Something a Chance

I recently befriended an old high school classmate on facebook. As with any new add I went and looked through their profile to see where they lived, what they did for work, ect. Under groups this person had joined “Counting the days till Obama is gone”. Being curious and having nothing else to do I followed to the groups page. It was the usual Obama sucks rhetoric nothing new, nothing clever but one thing struck me.  This group started before Obama was inaugurated. How did a group of people get together to count days before he even started?  I find the preemptive hate strange. I don’t understand it. I have always been a believer in giving people a chance. Things sucked before Obama took over and things still suck now but we are so divided that nothing is being done. Sorry for the non sports rant. I can’t stand where we are and I don’t see us moving any where because we are all idiots. Now I am off to the doctor because I have insurance and the cost is reasonable. Employer pays $1200 month for family coverage, we pay $500 as our part, I pay $25 copay for an office visit and $50 prescription copay, and I haven’t met my $1000 deductible so grand total to make sure my son doesn’t have an ear infection is $2775.   Private insurance companies are the best.


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