ProBowl. Who cares?

So the Pro Bowl is tonight but is anyone really going to watch?  14 players were replaced because they are playing in the Superbowl next week.  Anyone I cared about seeing has  ducked out.  Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss are all not participating.  The only Patriots that will be on the field are Vince (give me a god damn contract) Wilfork and Logan Mankins.  Does anyone even care about the Pro Bowl?  Even the players don’t care.  McKinnie an offensive tackle for Vikings cared so little he didn’t show up for the practices this week and was booted off the NFC team.  I am sure he is heart broken.  Maybe it is time to scrap the Pro Bowl and come up with a better way to close the season.


One response to “ProBowl. Who cares?

  1. I agree. Did anyone *ever* care about the Pro Bowl? Now they have made it so that the most compelling players are not able to be participate.

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