Bill has moved on.

Bill has moved on from Sunday’s nightmare.  Are we ready?  The Patriots have a playoff game in 95 hours.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about your reaction to Wes Welker’s injury?

BB: We’ve covered that and we’re off of Houston and onto Baltimore. The players we have out there, we’ll put together the best plan we can, get our players prepared, get them ready to go and I know they will all work hard to be ready for Sunday’s game against Baltimore.

Q: Can you just talk about your reaction to Wes Welker and how it’s going to impact your team?

BB: We’ve already covered it. We’re over and done with that. We’re onto Baltimore.

Q: So you don’t want to say anything about Wes Welker?

BB: I’ve already said it. He’s a great player and I know he’ll work hard to get back as soon as he can.

Q: As a follow up can you talk about the field, you were quoted saying the turf at Reliant Stadium is the worst you’ve ever seen?

BB: We’re onto Baltimore. We’re done with the regular season. This is the postseason. We’re onto Baltimore.

Q: Everybody saw Wes Welker get hurt on TV and it’s what is on some of the fans minds right now?

BB: I respect the fans and I respect you and all that, but right now we’re onto Baltimore. We’re onto the Baltimore. We’re done with the regular-season games.

From Bill Belichicks press conference on 1/5/10.  To read the full thing go to the Pats official site.


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