Wes Welker is a Tree

Trees tough it out through bitter cold, snow, rain and wind.  It is 4 degrees outside today.  This kind of cold hurts to the very core.  Outside the trees are creaking and cracking but they stay standing.  The trees are strong and proud.  Everything hurts in the cold and everyone runs inside to escape it but the trees don’t.  Wes Welker is a tree.  The ability to get up from the monster hit he took this past weekend from Carolina’s Charles Godfrey is amazing.  Everything must hurt on you and most everyone would not get up but Wes Welker did.  The best part is that after getting up he ran to huddle, ran to the line and then caught an important 13 yard reception.   This weekend it will not be 4 degrees in Buffalo but it will be cold and I know Wes Welker and the Trees will be standing tall (joke about height should be inserted here but I don’t have one) ready to kick the ass out of the day.


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