I Would Like a Running Back Ass

There have been many Sundays where I have wished for a running backs ass. Laurence Maroney has a great ass. It sits up high, doesn’t move as he is running, looks like you could bounce a quarter off of it and the best part is that it has a little something extra to hold on to. Throughout the league there is some great running back ass. Brandon Jacobs has a proud round ass something you could bite in to for Sunday dinner. D’Angelo Williams has an ass that “god must have made on a Saturday because he would have wanted to take Sunday off to admire it himself” Uncle Angelo, Golden Girls. It is very hard to get a really good ass. It starts of course like anything else with diet and exercise but then involves horribly endless squats but for most women it really comes down to genetics. Most of us just would never be able to achieve the pinnacle of ass like the Maroney ass. Judge me as you may but I am not looking at ass on Sunday to demean or ogle these men it is out of pure envy that I pause Tivo on the Jacobs, Williams or Addai Ass. There is not a man out there that would not like a Maroney Ass on the back of his lady while she is bent over in front of him. By the way, Kevin Faulk, you have a nice ass too.


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