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Cheerleader Try-Outs

Dust off those pom-poms it is time for the Patriots to have cheerleader try outs.  Check out the bulletted highlights direct from the Patriots website on why being a Pats cheerleader is fabulous.  I expanded a little on their original thoughts:

  • Model for the Patriots Cheerleaders’ annual swimsuit calendar and receive a very thorough and free bikini wax
  • Enjoy possible international travel opportunities along with option to be sold in to cheerleader sex servitude.
  • Make public appearances throughout New England cause every girl loves to wear white boy shorts and nylons to a Malden bar in January.
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime!  But make them quick because the life of a cheerleader ends at 29.

So if you think you have what it takes check out all the full details here.

Dirty Sanchez

Did he get dropped out of 1984?  What’s up with the headband?

In the Shower with Tom Brady and Wes Welker

This had to have sounded better in his head.  Wes responded to a  question from a 10 year old on what it is like to play football with Tom Brady with this:

“It is so cool playing with Tom Brady you get to see him shampoo his hair.”

The thought of Tom and Wes shampooing each others hair confuses and excites me.

Wes Welker’s Beard

Like it?  Love it?  Want him to shave it?  I noticed Wes is sporting a new beard.  I personally like it.  Judging by interviews I have seen with him recently I don’t think this took very long to grow.  So is this a football superstition thing or covering a zit thing?

Favre’s on the smaller side weenie

Texting a picture of your penis to someone is really not all that sexy.  Add to that the fact that your penis is not on the large side you may to consider lighting and angle before you hit send.  If those pictures are in fact Brett Favre’s well then he should have paid for some professional photos to make him look a little more well endowed.  You can listen to all the voice mails he supposedly left her or just skip to the 2:08 mark to see what may be Brett’s kind of small weenie.  Enjoy!  Brett’s Weenie.

Do you agree?

Here is a link to a list of the top 25 hottest (in looks) NFL players.  I am not sure I agree with all.  Two Patriots made the list Wes Welker at #10 and of course Tom Brady at #1.  Jay Cutler had the stupidest picture by far.

Funky Undies

That is some crazy, ugly, weird looking underwear.  I think she may want to go with a longer skirt or some better undies next round.

For Adam

It is World Cup Soccer time so we should probably check out some of the players.  Here is the richest soccer player in the world Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.  Enjoy.

France and Venus

The French Open (tennis) started this past weekend and as you can see above Venus Williams has a really nice outfit.  It looks like she is wearing athletic spanks.  Not a good look on anyone even if they have 1% body fat.  Maybe she will change for the next round.  You are seeing right the top of the outfit is a lace corset.

Wrong kind of football

If you have the patience for this video to load skip to 2:56 and see one soccer player sexually assault another. Very funny. Will probably make men cringe. Do soccer players wear cups?